Surviving your next MarTech implementation

In this presentation, Peg Miller, Co-Founder of B2B Marketing Academy, discusses how to ask the right questions of your vendor to make better MarTech decisions, common pitfalls and how to avoid them, and how to set your team up for success when adopting new marketing technologies.

Amplifying discoverability and engagement with your search audience data

One of the most challenging aspects of creating digital content is not only knowing what content to write, and when to deliver it, but how to make it visible to search engines, and subsequently, to the audience you need to reach.

Everything you need to know about Facebook advertising

Multiple factors contribute to whether your Facebook advertising campaigns succeed or fail. Copy, imagery, optimization, strategy, and countless other factors all matter. But nothing will affect your results more than your audience and how you go about targeting them.

Why lead source is fake news

DemandRamp Marketing Operations Manager Ronnie Duke reveals why 'Lead Source' may not be telling you the full story, and what data is actually needed to accurately track lead attribution, enabling you to think more critically about your leads and how your content marketing is really affecting your sales pipeline.

Design sprints from idea to prototype in a week

Do you find that every project embarked upon crawls along at a snail's pace? Does it take forever to gather client requirements which end up being inaccurate or inconsistent? Do you yearn for a faster and easier way to prototype and validate design ideas? Are you regularly finding those ideas fall short of the mark and don't fully live up to their potential? What if there was a better way?

CSS is awesome

This presentation is a celebration of CSS and handful of what makes it Awesome.
In this session, Blueriver Senior Front End Developer Evan Dunham explores CSS history and browser evolution along with useful development tips, tricks and tools.